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This is a beautiful machine, with balls.

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The graphics are very vibrant. I am selling it for a friend who tells me that it works, however as I have not personally tried it I wouldn't even know how I Please see all photos and ask any questions before buying Sold as is Has min Unable to test being sold As-Is.

Rise of the pachinko machines

Part of my old collection was a project I never got around to fixing up. My loss is your gain.

Nishijin A Pachinko Machine Set Up (0278)

The modification that was done to this machine: A string of LED lights was added behind the colored reflectors on the right side of the play field see pic 1 , they flash when a jackpot is scored. In the 80s, Pachinko madness exploded as elect Sold as is do not know how to test but overall good condition needs work and only comes with what u see in the pic no balls included looks like will need some wiring done. There are also 5 Jackpot Pockets on the playfield as well The lower half of the front of the machine has White and Green co There is one small plastic piece that broke off from the jackpot arm I think that's what it is that needs to be glued back on.

Pachinko machine restoration service

Moved to Florida does not go with decor. This case has 16" centers for quick a Has balls; one is stuck but in pristine condition.

For parts or a project - I did not test to see if works or not - I am not mechanically inclined No balls included wood laminate and plexiglass face - glass has a crack - see pictures Local pick up onl I'm doing a little remodeling in my man cave and no longer have space for this.

This is a professional machine from a Japanese gaming parlor. Their game of choice is pachinko, and for the last nine years the Connollys have been buying, selling, and restoring these machines from their home in San Antonio. Described by many enthusiasts as a cross between pinball and slots, pachinko machines originated in Japan in the s.

Once the bearing works its way through a pattern of tiny pins think Plinko , the machine will pay out more balls depending on which pocket it lands in. The Connollys have heard countless stories like this since taking up their hobby in While searching for a pachinko machine for their children, Bill and Shirley hit the jackpot when they met a former carnival worker who had 30 machines just rusting away in a barn.

Restoration service

Although most of the machines were decades old and in poor shape, traditional pachinko machines are easily fixed because of their simple mechanics. Once the Connollys started to sell the restored pachinko machines on eBay, people began contacting them to see if they could repair their machines. Instead, Bill and Shirley concentrate on their own pachinko projects and helping local owners work out the kinks in theirs. I liked the randomness of it.

Every machine is different.

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The distinctiveness of each machine is what Shirley especially likes about pachinko. From acrobats to geishas to sumo wrestlers, each pachinko is enhanced with its own design. We even found one with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.