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This series is very different from any other vampire series that I have read. And all in a good way! It starts off with Tessa feeling very different than the rest of her family.

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Tessa feels that she doesn't fit in with either world - human or vampire - and goes on an accidental adventure and along with doing a lot of goo I was absolutely mesmerized from the very beginning! Tessa feels that she doesn't fit in with either world - human or vampire - and goes on an accidental adventure and along with doing a lot of good, she is able to find out that "to thy own self be true".

Family Blood Ties Series

The series reads like one big long novel with each of the books NOT ending, so be prepared to read all of the books! Although I promise that will not be much of a hardship. I think it is fantastically written, and very unique. I decided to amend my review because I wanted to say that I don't do reviews for each book as I find it too hard to say how good it is without giving away to many secrets!!! I will say that I connected with Tessa instantly even though I am old enough to be her mother human not vamp, unfortunately!

She worries about all the usual teenage issues - hair, makeup, clothes, boys, getting a boyfriend and of course, fitting in.

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  • Vampire in Distress (Family Blood Ties, book 2) by Dale Mayer.
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  • If Dale's books are all written as terrific as these ones are, then I hope that she has plans to write a LOT of books! Aug 16, Andrea rated it liked it.

    Vampire in Distress

    I didn't want to wait around to find out what was going to happen to Tessa and her friends and family. Book 2 felt slower to me. It seemed like a lot of the time the characters were just roaming around the mysterious building. They often separate and someone ends up going missing, so everyone has to go find that missing person. I had a hard time understanding how they got away with being there, with none of the bad guys being quickly alerted.

    Of course, you're never really sure who is a good guy and who is a bad guy.

    Vampire in Denial Family Blood Ties Volume 1

    Those you think you can trust really are not trustworthy. Tessa continues to grow into her vampire side, surprising her friends and family. She has quickly developed a take charge kind of attitude that no one is used to seeing. She is also quickly honing her skills, as being thrust into a war situation has given her no other choice. It feels like the war is only just beginning, despite any resolutions made within this story.

    It again reads like watching a TV show or soap opera unfold on the screen. Each chapter consists of various scenes, illustrating a portion of each character's situation. Where the chapters break would be logical commercial breaks on the screen. This does keep the story flowing. It also ends again with a cliffhanger, making you want to read the next installment. It hasn't yet been published, but I look forward to having the chance to check it out when it is. I received a complimentary ebook in exchange for my honest review.

    Aug 21, Brenda Demko rated it really liked it. Dale Mayer did it again. How dare she write a wonderful, totally enthralling story and make us wait to read the next one and find out what happens! This is the second book in the Family Blood Ties series. It was just as awesome as the first one! There was so much action and intrigue! Every time I thought I knew what was going on, the plot twisted or turned. It left me gripping my seat in anticipation and I can not wait to read the next one.

    I loved how Tessa became more confident with herself in Dale Mayer did it again. I loved how Tessa became more confident with herself in this book. You should definitely read book one first. Vampire in Distress picks up right where Vampire in Denial leaves off. I recommend this to everyone who likes vampire books, YA paranormal books, or just wants to read an exciting story.

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I honestly feel that this book was terrific and it left me anticipating the next one! Jan 15, Mackenzie rated it it was ok.

    Paperback Editions

    Tessa and her family and friends are back again in another book. This book is the continuation of the first one, so you have to read that one to get it. They are still in the blood farm. But it seems the longer they stay the worse things happen. Tessa and her family and friends have to get out of there before it is to late! And is Tessa and Cody making a love connection. Find out in Vampire in Distress. This book was horrible! It just picked up from form where it left off. Everything seemed a lit Tessa and her family and friends are back again in another book.

    Everything seemed a little boring because things just seemed to drag on. The same thing just happened over and over again. You knew what was going to happen before you read it. Over all this was a really bad book. I will read the next one to see if it is any better. I don't recommend this book. Jul 24, Autumn rated it really liked it.

    I really like how the author has the last chapter of the last book as the prelog in this book it refreshes your memory about what is going on. Dale Mayer out did herself with, I couldn't put this book down it's jam packed with action. We get to see Tessa really come into her own she is in danger and no one knows where she is so she has to find a way to escape on her own. And boy did she. She is also confused by her feeling for Cody her brothers best friend. Other than the action and seeing Tessa kick some butt I really enjoy reading about how these two characters are coming together.

    As they come to terms with some of their feelings something happens that neither of them are expecting now they are really going to have to work on their relationship whatever it is their are not going to have much of a choice. Jared is awake and he is pissed off to know end. He is torn he wants to help the other blood farm people but at the same time get the hell out of dodge.

    The interaction between Cody and Jared goes just as one would expect As with the first book this one has a lot of humor and is fun to read. It is packed full of twists and turns. Just when you think everything is ok then something else happens that puts them right back into danger. Will Tessa and everyones she holds dear ever be free of this nightmare I guess we will have to read on to find out. May 07, Sue Davis rated it it was amazing Shelves: LOL But I can't have it yet. In book 1 Tessa a 16 year old vampire with weird human throw back genes feels completely out of place, she is not like anyone she knows or has ever heard about, mostly she lives in the human world and they don't know she is a vampire.

    Now this book takes up where the last left off. It seems that every time they divide their group, usually after finding whoever was missing,someone else gets taken vampire or human doesn't seem to matter. Now after finding her friend and laying down to rest while the men check out what all they have found,she falls asleep but having dreams of tubes and needles,wakes to find it real and she is sick. There are so many twist and turns, fear and laughter but mostly love of friends and family and care, and pity for the thousands they have found.

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    • All the time losing and finding part of their group, some injured more then once and 4 or 5 drugged. But during all they go though, Tessa comes into her own, and finds out that others have had some of the things she has. She learns to control things and Cody , his father, David and their father finally learn to be very proud of her. By the end the rescues party seems to have arrived,humans and vampires,both counsels,high school kids,she sent a message to everyone from both sides in her cell phone.

      Then she, David and and human doctor Taz's wife Sian are sent home, but when Tessa wakes up, no one is around inside or outside the car nor does she even know where she is. What will she do now?

      Family Blood Ties - Book Series In Order

      Is there someone around that she can't find? Will her family find her? Do they know she is missing? Where are David and Sian? More to the point where are the elders who were giving them all a ride home? Jun 27, Marsha rated it it was ok. After a stellar read of book one in The Family Blood Ties series, book two rattled on and one with the rescue crew getting separated again and again as well as being attacked over and over as well. That is not even the bad part. The worst thing is "Vampire in Distress" felt more like a 'filler' book with little if any progress being made towards moving the plot forward.

      I could have just read the beginning and the end and been happier. After Tessa lays down to take a nap next What just happened? After Tessa lays down to take a nap next to Jared, she is kidnapped. Soon she wakes from a drug induced stupor and manages to escape. While she searches for her freedom her friends and family get separated and attempt to find her. The Calvary is called in and not everyone are the good guys. Now is difficult to know who to trust. Jared awakens, meets Tessa's family and discovers her secret. He and Cody finally meet face to face and they each let each other know they don't like each other.

      Jared goes to explore some caves and is separated from the group once again. Over and over the group come together and then are separated: Wash, Rinse, Repeat ad nauseam!!!!!!! I found myself wondering if I would be able to finish this book. I've gone from a 5 Star first book to a 2 star second book and quite frankly the ending of this book doesn't leave me very hopeful that book 3 will be any better! I purchased the 3 in 1 book so I will go on to read book 3.

      Feb 28, Bookmom rated it really liked it. Teen vampire Tessa had been kidnapped at the end of the last book, so the race is on to find her. At the same time it becomes evident that the blood farm operation is a great deal larger than they imagined, involving not just vampires, but humans as well as some hybrid of both. While I enjoyed most of the book and challenges, I do have to Teen vampire Tessa had been kidnapped at the end of the last book, so the race is on to find her.

      While I enjoyed most of the book and challenges, I do have to say that most of the story taking place in one location and the same types of things happening over and over, just to different people, was getting old. What I really love is watching the transition Tessa is going through. That aspect has been fun to watch. The action is good as is the ongoing scenario of not just taking down the blood farms operation, but not knowing who to trust. May 04, Niki Driscoll rated it really liked it Shelves: The plot thickens and we are no closer to who is behind the blood farms.

      Tessa is becoming stronger and the Elder family members do not know what to think about that. She is becoming a force to be reckoned with and I can see she is a going to be a major element in finding the bad guys. This story was a little bit slower then the first but I think it was presented this way to help see how far reaching this atrocity had gone.

      It also presented some twists that the others were not ready to face and The plot thickens and we are no closer to who is behind the blood farms. It also presented some twists that the others were not ready to face and also some realizations. The bad blood between the humans and vampires has been brought back to the surface and they will have to work together if they are going to survive. It is going to come down to the old against the young making the battles even more difficult.

      Mayer has a wicked imagination and I enjoy taking the journeys she provides with her books. She is however very mean, as this one also has a major cliffhanger that is sure to make you say a few bad words when you reach the last page. May 08, Julianne Redmon rated it it was amazing.

      Audio Editions

      What a fantastic follow up to the first book! I love how it starts right where the other book left off. No lost hours, days, or months A lot of time was spent with Tessa's family and friends as a focus in this book. It really allowed us to get to know David, Jewel, Ian, and even Jared a lot better. Each character has different strengths and it was highlighted very well in this book. I also really liked how Dale contrasts the old generation and then new What a fantastic follow up to the first book!

      I also really liked how Dale contrasts the old generation and then new. There is knowledge and ways of thinking that should not be neglected on either side and I think that they are all beginning to realize this. And it seems that the "plot has thickened" And the action kept moving as there were several different story lines that intertwined easily.

      I honestly can't wait for the next book! Sep 12, Judy rated it it was amazing. And it seems humans might be involved as well. As Tessa gathers people to go and rescue her friend Jared, nothing seems to go right. They fine one person just to lose another. It soon becomes apparent they cannot trust anyone but their small group. The sixteen-year-old girl from just a few days ago is not now nor will ever be the same. And it looks like the war has just begun. The next book is Vampire in Design.

      The books definitely end with cliffhangers but the good news at this point is Aug 19, Aine Massie rated it really liked it Shelves: Vampire in Distress by Dale Mayer is a wonderful treat! I, thankfully, had book 2 waiting for me when I finished 1. Book 2 starts right where 1 ended yea! I love how Tessa not only comes more into her own but has the defiance and strength of will to even call the Elders on a few things. Dale leaves us with another cliff-hanger — hurry up and write 3, please. A truly enjoyable YA Vampire read and a must buy! Apr 29, Karlee rated it it was amazing.

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