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A number of places on this map were built to emulate elements seen in Doom1 Episode 1 levels, also areas of Doom2 Map I think my favorite trick on this level is the massive U-shaped fast-door just south of the player start that contains 22 baddies behind it, every person I ever watched play this level jumped away from their desk when this huge door would shoot open and a load of former human grunts and sergeants would start hammering down on them.

Lots of door opening, lift lowering or raising baddie reveal tricks on this map. Interesting to know that the creators were also involved in Final Doom, most notably Evilution. Other than that, they are enjoyable. Kudos to you and Andy Olivera for bringing them back. Maybe you should try bringing back Master Levels for Doom 2.

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A forum mod told me this:. At this point, it falls under Abandonware. Feel free to mirror my statements to Doomworld admins. Just heard of this WAD. I had no idea it was released back in the day. I have only skipped around the level set so far to get a taste for things, but it seems very well made. Looking forward to going through the whole thing, start to finish. Your email address will not be published. Below, minding case, type in order characters ten, 6, and 3 from this string: You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Project startup, organization, and support.

Project Management, build creation, writing, pretty much everything. Original textures for levels, various menu art, and 2 of the skyboxes. How Perditions Gate came to be: Really loved the level designs on both megawads. A forum mod told me this: Damn, sorry you got banned. You list up front that you did Map Thanks for the reviews.

As a designer, we put a ton of effort into designing a cool experience and often don't know if the results matched the intention. I can see in this review that some of the hard work we put into these levels you experienced as we intended, which is seriously great to hear. I just downloaded this last week and played through it with GZDoom, and was quite impressed.

I know it's a fine line to walk when Tom Mustaine links to the files on his own webpage which I link to, plus I link to the parent site he's linking to elsewhere in this blog , but don't post any links to Perdition's Gate or Hell to Pay or for that matter Laura Beyer's Doom. The secret maps were glitching pretty badly for me visually, at least when playing with GZDoom. Must be these "underwater" areas - maybe those require some compatibility setting I hadn't made? Other than that, this is an excellent megawad with very entertaining, atmospheric levels. Even the soundtrack is worth listening to.

A shame it's so rare, I would still buy the CD even though Tom is so kind to host it on his site. Yeah, it's pretty cool.

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The HOM stuff looked fine to me when I played it in software; it's probably renderer voodoo. Apparently, the rights have reverted to the creator, so it can now be offered there. That's what the thread below confirms: KMX, regardless, it is now considered freeware, so you can post the link to Tom Mustaine's site that hosts Perdition's Gate. I would also like to buy this commercial product but it's damn rare!

Like I said on the Hell to Pay article, you're pretty much limited to eBay squatting if you want an actual physical copy. Also off-topic, but for the sake of choosing things: What would you recommend me to buy first? If you feel this comment should be removed, feel free so! But email me for reply first. Uh yeah I already deleted your first comment, because I already have one that spells it out for you. It makes me proud to have a copy of this great product. The full version is available semi-illegally on too many sites to count probably less rare than H2P , but considering at least one these sites looks to be an author's personal page, I have to question it even being truly illegal.

Not going to post any links though when it could even remotely be warez. He's quite consistent to pump out the quality in short to medium doses, IMO. Mustaine's maps are definitely the ones I like most consistently in the bunch overall; my favorite level with no involvement from him is probably Map27 if I was to guess the author I think I'd side with Jimmy Sieben.

At least through the limited edition maps and all of Mustaine's contributions, I find PG much easier to just 'pick up and play' compared to H2P, though the later certainly has a few of its own qualities as well if you can get into it. Were it a third megawad in Final Doom, I'm pretty reluctant to say it would surpass Plutonia to be the best, as I'm doubtful there, but it certainly would have been a rock solid third piece IMO.

Just wondering where did you find the author list for the non Mustaine maps?

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I could never find anything crediting who made all the levels. Well, I didn't get the full answer and I will ask again: Is it worth to buy a psychical copy of PG or H2P? I know PG can be found on Mustaine's site and probably H2P as well but I don't want to be a pirate to get them for free since they were sold at one time, still I have a feeling that someone will release these on Steam and then it will be available to buy though it's not my case as I hate Steam , I will have to go to buy them somewhere else! Will you be ever interested in this offer? Me not of course, as I detest steam a lot!

It's worth buying purely for collection purposes, be it Doom memorabilia or the comfort of physical media. You're getting something secondhand, so you're not giving either the authors or the publisher any money, so you're not supporting anyone but the person who is selling the discs to you.

The best alternative is to suck it up and download them from the darker corners of the internet, because I doubt Atari can get their act together given how tortured Blood's source port history has been, especially with them going bankrupt and all. Who knows where the rights to Perdition's Gate and Hell to Pay will end up if they don't stay with Atari? At least we know who to point the finger at right now. Strife is deeper yet in purgatory. I would be happy just to get a legalized re-release of both PWADs, preferably free, but if it was priced comparable to Final Doom now dirt cheap , that would be reasonable.

I doubt that they'd ever find themselves packaged with Doom II given who owns the rights.

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I think Steam is pretty cool and use it almost exclusively for my non-source port PC gaming, but I think that these works are more likely to show up on GOG than Steam which is where that Megaton release showed up first, I think. Basically, just grab them when you can.

Life is too short to wait this bullshit out. My only complaint would be that maps are way too short, and overall give a feeling they were last minute additions. Map30 also could've been a little better too, but it did have an interesting concept at least. Long time lurker, first time commenter. Really love this blog I've been struck at how the difficulty capped out around MAP14 and has geared down since then.

And goodness yes, the beginning of MAP20 would be unfair without that impassible linedef! A lot of times it seems the only lip service the authors paid to pistol starts was a SSG and two stacks of shells at the map's beginning, which creates some interesting dynamics vs. But now I can't get out.

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  5. Moving towards the door just teleports me to the back of the room, and jumping down to the wate I can't move anywhere. I can see a radiation suit around the corner of the water, but I can't get there. Is there some special trick to this level, or is it just incompatible with Doomday Engine? It's probably incompatible with Doomsday because it uses a deep water renderer trick. You're supposed to be able to jump into the water that surrounds the marble platform that the Cyb and key are on and then run between two light poles which teleports you to the other side of that teleporter line that is tripping you up.

    How come every time I post a comment it disappearrs within an hour of being published? Apparently Blogger is deciding that they are spam and moving them to the spam filter, which is odd. It's easily reversible after the fact, at least. Thanks for your replies. I've been posting on some blogs using the latin version of my real name, but I didn't realize I had posted so much that it would count as spam Oh well, I'll use a different nick from now on and see if that helps.

    Looks like Blogger doesn't like VPNs. I'm posting this without VPN, and hopefully it will stand. Anyway, thanks for replies and for all you Doom WAD reviews. Finally beat this excellent Mega WAD. Apart from the glitch in one of the secret levels which I mentioned earlier, the only glitch I encountered with Doomsday was the great Spider on map 29 which had problems moving and shooting.

    Also, I think it's AdBlock that Blogger doesn't like. This wad was once commercial but it wasn't licensed by id. So the red highlight I'd no good. I'm actually surprised no one said this before. It's not an official id product but it's not illegal, which is what you are implying. Just to be absolutely clear, way back when I started this I was under the Impression that they were not licensed.

    Graham burgess grazza corrected me. So before you come stomping around in here acting like the holy authority and offering even more corrections and tempting me to turn anonymous comments off I suggest you think long and hard about your next post.

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    On the other hand changing the intermissions would require fiddling with Dehacked. I have to say that personally, I found Perdition's Gate to overall be very underwhelming. Not bad, but not really great either. Reading the attached text file, it promised great challenge, and recommended me playing on medium. Playing it, I did not find it particularly challenging, now, sure, maybe I have a bit of experience, but playing it, there was very rarely an encounter which I recognized as particularly devilish or rough to play.

    The first 10 or so levels are also not very interesting, again this probably comes to many years of megawads, but I feel that it falls very short of TNT Evilution and Icarus Alien Vanguard. The levels are just not interesting to look at, and offers little in terms of challenge. In the second third, some interesting stuff happens, like in Map15 where you teleport to different alien worlds. These were some cool environments which you otherwise wouldn't see until now, a cave made out of crystalline formations, a hellish rock seemingly made out of skin and floating in space.

    The layouts were different and interesting, the textures new and exciting. I thought to myself "Ah, this must be a sneak peak at the last third, where I'll go to a hell planet and see more exciting and weird landscapes made out of living flesh! There's exactly one such place built and it's the small detour in Map 15, you at best see a few scant flesh textures reused, and then all third cour levels are very generic hell fortresses and techbases made out of bricks. The levels also get VERY short by this point, tiny monster counts, little for challenge, abrupt endings, boring environments.

    The maps aren't outright bad, but they all feel way too short, like the authors hurried to wrap each of them up and somehow only had a little bit of time for limited monster placements. Map 30 actually does challenge, but it too feels too short, two cyberdemons, an archie blocking your way, and more monsters spawning in each minute. I rushed past the vile hoping to just survive to the next section, but the game outright ends here.

    I wouldn't say to NOT play Perdition's Gate, and I wouldn't call it terrible, but I will say it's hard to recommend, because it starts slow, then teases you with some really exciting things it never ever follows up on, and then hurries to wrap up. If you cut out half of all the levels, I think the experience would improve, and if a focus had been made on much more hellish environments using the new textures, I think it would have been much more interesting. The fact that a third or so of the levels were banged out by the HELL2PAY crew so that it could be pushed out doesn't help matters much.

    I would love to see a larger set making use of the same textures with a bit more planning and organization and maybe some more variations within the given schemes. Perdition's Gate managed to, despite a pretty slow first half, get me excited, but it never really followed through on it. It'd be great to see a mapset dedicated to like, demons in space, maybe using some of these sparsely seen textures.

    Like I'm imagining vast asteroids made out of flesh, blood, organs and bone, populated by hellspawn, and just floating in the void of space. The project started out between Tom Mustaine and his father, Bob, as a third megaWAD for inclusion with Final Doom , but at some point "the Final Doom window of opportunity had closed", so they took the project over to Wraith Corporation. A long, long time ago, there was some ancient race of beings, hereafter referred to as the Ancients, protectors of the universe. Their advancement led to conflict with numerous other alien races, though, including the demons from Doom.

    Since they couldn't make peace with pure evil, the Ancients decided to halt its spread by shutting down their inter-dimensional teleporters, but not before some of the underdeveloped worlds suffered demonic incursions. Among the assaulted planets was Earth, the invasion forming the foundation for many of humanity's beliefs. The Ancients lost, though, and while humanity developed, Hell integrated their technologies, including the inter-dimensional teleporters.

    Four years later, whoops! UAC continues to run controlled experiments and the protagonist of this megaWAD not the Doom marine arrives at his workplace, finding it already taken over by hellspawn. He readies his service pistol and begins a journey across the universe, perhaps to the plane of Hell itself. Perdition's Gate is much shorter than its alternatives. I'm just speaking from a perspective of map length and monster count. It still has 32 levels, with semi-realistic mapping in many spots and clever use of the Intermission screen to link the map storyline together with small couple-sentence blurbs though they weren't able to modify the text of the Doom II episode dividers.

    It can be hard at times, but it's rarely overwhelming, just loaded with some tough firefights and awesome sequences not seen in any of the official id WADs. There are a variety of map themes, starting with UAC compound, moving to sewers, then back to techbase, then to the peculiar style of the Ancients' worlds with jaunts to alien planets , and then finally Hell itself. The new textures are almost always great to look at and manage to complement the "plot" of the WAD very well, keeping the experience fresh, especially in the visits to the more bizarre planets.

    I love the themes explored in the second "episode". Some larger maps in this vein would be greatly appreciated; maybe someday my favorite authors will conspire to create a Perdition's Gate 2 after they've re-imagined Evilution and Plutonia for the tenth time. Should you play Perdition's Gate?

    The hard part is tracking it down, given that it's been discontinued and Atari who owns the rights is unlikely to make it freeware. The demos are freely available, at least. I just wish Atari would pull an Apogee and put it out while absolving themselves of any support responsibilities. It's worth finding a copy, though, as you're looking at the output of three relatively well-known Doom mappers well, some may question McCandlish's works , all of whom went on to work in the gaming industry, and who now have varying degrees of influence inside it most notably McCandlish, recently lead designer of Modern Warfare 2.

    I wish the levels were longer, of course, and I always like seeing newer stuff like monsters, but it's a great mapset regardless. Tom Mustaine September 8, at Anonymous March 24, at 3: Salt-Man Z July 10, at 3: Anonymous January 31, at 4: Anonymous April 20, at 4: Anonymous June 15, at 4: Anonymous March 1, at Anonymous May 26, at 3: Anonymous March 19, at 7: WolfForever May 18, at WolfForever June 1, at 1: Anonymous July 20, at Anonymous December 15, at 2: