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A new classic in the making. Dad is doing laundry and finds three ordinary objects in his son Jim's pockets; before he can throw them out, Jim says I Need All of It. Story-telling about the objects commences and dad's annoyance turns to imagination as he joins in.

The Daddy School Series

A satisfying tale of the everyday turned special for parent and child. A very special tribute to dad and all the things about him that a child loves and appreciates. Now in a board book that's just the right size for toddler hands, Superhero Dad celebrates the various ways fathers are extra-special—from superhero-level snoring, to invincible joke-telling. Dads don't need to leap tall buildings to be a superhero to little ones. Bestselling author and artist Oliver Jeffers was inspired to write Here We Are by the birth of his son. A beautiful story for any parent to share with their child, this stunning picture book is about sharing the Earth and knowing we will always have each other, and it is perfect for Father's Day.

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When you can't have an animal as a pet, you always have a "pet dad" to take care of, play with and treasure forever. Plum wants a pet, but her dad does not. Here comes Pet Dad! He'll play chase, and doesn't mind a scratch behind the ears, but this "pet dad" doesn't succumb to any of Plum's commands, making this a fun and reasonable story for pet-loving kids and their not-so-pet-friendly dads. Daddy Hugs is a sweet board book for babies and toddlers all about the special bond between a father and his child that comes in the form of hugs.

From tiny finger hugs to big up-in-the-air hugs, Karen Katz' colorful illustrations capture the joy that both dad and baby are experiencing just being together. Here's a special board book book for daddies to read to their little ones.

The sturdy pages show different animal fathers caring for their young in much the same way as human babies and toddlers are cared for. Daddy is strong and keeps us safe, Daddy feeds us, Daddy gives us hugs and tucks us in at night, and more. Guess How Much I Love You has become a modern classic with it's warm and reassuring story of Little Nutbrown Hare and his father, Big Nutbrown Hare, that beautifully expresses parents' love for their children.

The rabbits try to outdo each other in expressing how much they love the other, with grander gestures and farther distances, until finally it's time for bed and Little Nutbrown Hare comes up with the ultimate measurement—"I love you to the moon. Rory and his dad live on an island and do lots of fun things together, but sometimes Dad needs some quiet time to read and relax. Rory is a little dinosaur with a lot of energy who decides to take an adventure by himself.

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Just when it seems that things might be going wrong, somehow they turn out right—little does Rory know that Dad is never far behind. A nice addition to father-son picture book stories, Just Like Daddy shows how much bigger, brighter and more exciting everything is that Dad does, from his son's perspective. Driving to work looks like a blast to the little boy, but the illustration of dad in rainy day traffic tells his side of the story.

The place where both points of view are exactly the same? When it's time to dream about the weekend, and spending it together. Ten years ago, Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell introduced many readers to a nontraditional family depicted in a children's picture book—a boon for anyone looking for books to share with young children of same sex parents.

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And Tango Makes Three uses the true story of two male penguins in the Central Park Zoo to celebrate parental love regardless of traditional gender roles. Oh, those goofy dads … For all the funny things they do, or things they do and think are funny, this picture book is for them.

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Tom Jellett's mixed-media illustrations pair perfectly with the text, and kids can't help but laugh over some of the worn-out jokes they've probably heard a time or two, especially if the one turning the pages is Dad himself. From the authors of How to Babysit a Grandpa comes a new story of what to do with Dad—surprise him, of course.

Here, a brother and sister team up to figure out all the ways to surprise Dad: Early grade schoolers will enjoy these hilarious little books that turn Darth Vader into an everyday dad Well, as close as the Emperor of the Sith can be anyway. The series was given a green-light on February 2, [8] and began production on March 28, On August 17, , the series renewed for a second season, which premiered on May 29, On May 13, , TVLine announced that the series would end at the conclusion of its sixth season. In Australia, the series airs on Fox8 , with season 1 premiering 29 September , [19] with season 2 returning on 4 May , [20] and season 3 returning 24 August In the United Kingdom, the series began airing on E4 on February 16, The second season started on March 2, Series 4 aired in September Series 5 will premiere 5th September In Israel, the series airs weeknights two episodes each since July In South Africa, the series aired on 5 September The second, third, fourth and fifth seasons were broadcast on the streaming platform Mediaset Infinity from to The sixth season were made entirely available on October 4, on the streaming platform Mediaset Infinity.

Baby Daddy received mixed reviews.

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On Metacritic, the first season of the show holds a 51 out of Metascore based on 8 reviews, indicating "mixed or average reviews". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For for the Hopsin song, see Raw Hopsin album. For the musician, see Babydaddy. List of Baby Daddy episodes. Old Ben" season 2, episode 4. TV by the Numbers.

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