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Survival in We Happy Few involves managing mild penalties to health and stamina. On the other hand, being constantly well-fed enabled me to sprint longer which was great considering how much running I was doing between quests. Crafting has also been streamlined: Interacting with a locked door prompts a lockpick to be crafted automatically from my materials, making thievery a lot less tedious.

I especially loved the stash feature that allows you to dump supplies in a safehouse, and still use them to craft no matter where in the world you are. To get around villages of potentially hostile people, you can try and conform by taking Joy and dressing the part, get in potentially overwhelming fights with the entire town, or use some light sneaking to avoid night patrols.

However, more often than not, I started to find that simply dashing past angry people to the first trash can or patch of tall grass I could find would get the job done. Purposely placed notes and diaries help you piece together the state of the world and, unlike most outdoors areas, NPCs here actually have purpose. Some of my favorite moments in We Happy Few were finding alternate routes among the rafters to dodge insidious doctors in the tight confines of a medical lab, or cautiously exploring a waste-disposal site overrun by plagued victims eager to infect me while babbling lines from Beowulf in Old English.

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Though their paths sometimes cross, they never really intertwine. Arthur Hastings is the mild-mannered man you first play as, and his quest to find his lost brother by escaping Wellington Wells is intensely personal. He relies on brute strength to solve problems where words and a lack of chemistry knowledge fail. One of the main original features of this game is the hunger and thirst bar that deplets rapidly if you don't pay attention to it. At first I was stuck between loving and hating this feature because of the map glitches; But I know it should be great once the game is ready since it is a great component to this survival game.

Since its a beta, Objectives sometimes are not playable and necessary items you'll need in the game will be limited. People that's saying they taking too long needs to know that its a small team making a big game we just have to wait. Shameful the people who early accessed didn't even get the jolley brolley. Outside of that the games 3 stories seem good. The game looks ok in some areas but not so good in other areas. The game really feels like a low budget game with a triple A price.

Frame rate issues and problems rendering areas, buildings, plants and etc. Things seem to pop in and out of the world. The story does make up for some of the problems and glitches.

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But if i was only looking for a good story i'd read a book. Regardless of what people think this game has serious game breaking bugs. I complete some missions but they don't progress forward, then i have to reset and start the mission over.

Suspicion and Joy

This isn't cool for a game with a I really wanna love this game that i was so hype for 3 yrs ago, but that hype is long gone. Still feels like its in alpha stage. The fanboys will hate this review, but sometimes the truth hurts. First, I'd like to start off by saying that I purchased the deluxe edition. In other words, I am invested - for better or worse.

That said, I have enjoyed the game thus far. I have finished Act 1.

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However, I will not be continuing my playthrough onto Act 2 or 3 until the game is better optimized to run on this platform. Constant framerate issues, numerous bugs, and daily game crashes throughout Act 1 have led me to this. I simply do not wish to experience the rest of this game in its current state. The game itself is unique and enjoyable, but the player shouldn't have to overlook so many of these blatant issues.

To those deciding to dive in, I'd suggest playing on a harder difficulty right out of the gate. The game is too easy on Normal. Trust me, the AI is slow and unintuitive both in combat and in stealth detection. Framerate optimizations, bug fixes, and game crash solutions are all very much needed.

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So I lose an hour or more game play. Not to mention multiple in game bugs Compulsion please update soon it is ruining the game play. The greed, deception, and overlooked bait-and-switch mentality in this industry is getting out of control. So i knew it was a game preview when i got this. This game was an interesting take on survival games. My most anticipated E3 game shown. But for an original indie title to double its price for no valid reason is absurd. Update admittedly I was pretty mad when I made this review, and I kinda like what they did the game.

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