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To complete this amazing breakfast experience, the inn also fosters a menagerie of wildlife that is tame enough to come within several feet of guests. The chipmunks squeek and feed while the hummingbirds zoom from feeder to feeder and the bluejays flit from railing to roof.

The hospitality at the Misty Valley Inn is impeccable. When I called ahead to check what time was too late for arrival, the owner was very friendly and encouraged me to continue with my plans and enjoy my time in the area. She even recommended a few things we could do while we were waiting for our Bella Italia reservation slot.

The Breakfast

When we arrived at nearly midnight, there was still one other couple expected that evening, and the man who greeted us the other owner was incredibly welcoming and unassuming. We toured many places in the Pacific Northwest during our two week trip, but this location remains my absolute favorite even over a Gold Crown resort we stayed at in Blaine! The deck runs the entire length of the back of the house and wraps around one side and across the front all the way to the double-doored entry.

If you read the description of the Cullen house on page 86 of The Twilight Saga: The lawn itself spills into the adjacent meadow, which resembles a lush, mature Christmas tree farm.

I hear there are elk that play and graze in the meadow, but we never had the chance to see them. One of my favorite features is the hot tub, located under the back deck, that looks out over the meadow. With such long summer days, I was able to relax in the steaming water until nearly 10pm before retiring for the evening. The cost of the stay at the Misty Valley Inn may be restrictive for some travellers, but it is not overly expensive considering all the amenities and courtesies it offers.

In fact, many of the standard motels inside Forks charge nearly as much and offer much much less in return. If I ever return to the Forks area, this is where I will stay, bar none. Even if I stay for a week! I honestly did not want to leave, and trust me when I say that Forks itself is not entertaining enough for me to normally consider spending a week in. Having won numerous awards from BedandBreakfast. Check out their website below the awards photo above. You can check availability and make reservations online or via phone.

Persons and businesses may use these photos in a non-profit manner ONLY as long as a link back to this site is provided in a reasonably visible location and for businesses only permission from DavinciKittie is obtained in advance. When you think of Forks, WA, assuming you know what a very small and relatively uneventful town it is, the first activity that comes to mind is probably not a paid tour. What can there possibly be to tour? I decided to give it a go and see what all the fuss was about.

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Surprisingly, Twilight Tours originally owned by the Dazzled By Twilight store , is not the only tour company in the tiny town, although it is the original. The tour then continues on toward the Black house before stopping at one of the breath-taking rugged beaches. Arnold, our driver for the outing, is a member of the Quilute tribe. The Quilutes are a private people, so Arnold was careful not to over -share, but his family anecdotes and tidbits of information about various La Push landmarks and activities were insightful and enjoyable, and really added an extra dimension to the experience.

One of the things passed on by Arnold during our tour that interested me the most is that the Quilutes open up some of their traditional activities up to travellers. On Wednesdays at around 5: Drum circle starts between 6: There are additional activities you may be able to attend during other parts of the year, so ask your tour guide and driver for the most up-to-date info! The tour typically lasts between 2. This summer, Twilight Tours In Forks will be doing four separate surprise donation tours. Travis says all the proceeds from these tours, including admission fees, will go toward previously selected charities or causes around the Forks and La Push areas.

Those local businesses and groups wishing to be considered as recipients for the donation tours will submit their entries to Twilight Tours, then a name will be drawn randomly. Twilight Tours will spontaneously choose the highest-attendance tours in order to raise as much money as possible. Very exciting, and an admirable gesture by Twilight Tours. Keep an eye out for the first one, scheduled tentatively for next week! For my guide on where to eat, shop, and explore in Forks as well as pick up some awesome souvenirs! Today is all about the money! Where can I spend it on attractions, souvenirs, and food?!

You can see them on your own Lapelles Florist will give you a free handy map with everything nicely drawn out and easy to find or you can take one of the Twilight tours.

Love at First Bite: The Unofficial Twilight Cookbook

More info on the tours tomorrow! Tops on my list for commercial items is Dazzled By Twilight. This unassuming little flower shop will surprise you with its large selection of vampire-inspired and Twilight-specific papers, stickers, and kits all of which takes up roughly half the merchandise space!

Voila, your very own one-of-a-kind keepsake with indisputable Forks provenance! Obviously, this restaurant is not IN Forks, but it is well worth the 45 minute or so drive to nearby Port A. Go ahead and feel a little down about it, but then shake it off and sit down to one of the best meals of your life… bar none.

This means you guessed it either my husband or I had to order this dish to try it. Much to my surprise and overwhelming relief, it was divine! For fast food with quality ingredients and a clean atmosphere, visit Pacific Pizza! The menu is surprisingly sophisticated, with a selection of sandwiches and paninis in addition to their standard and gourmet pizzas, and the dining area was quaintly decorated and cleanly kept. The service was also warm and friendly, which sadly was not the overwhelmingly typical experience for me in Forks.

For yummy, fresh sandwiches and sweet coffee confections, head over to Forks Outfitters! Yep, I said Forks Outfitters. Outwardly, this building looks like a Safeway meets Academy meets Home Depo, with a coffee shop attached. After about a 5 minute discussion and explanation, we finally had our sandwiches started. Go to Forks Outfitters and insist on a freshly made deli sandwich, then hit up the cute little coffee shop and get yourself a London Fog or a Mocha.

Best sandwich and coffee I had all trip!

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Hope you enjoyed the info! Also look for my reviews as davincikittie on TripAdvisor. Subscribe in a Reader. Check back soon for the review!

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The hero will be gorgeous and well hung. The heroine will be attractive, smart, perhaps funny, but most of all likeable and relatable to the reader. The story will have elements that drag us in, besides the two pretty people it centers on, and transport us to another reality. The hero and heroine will be irrevocably caught in the Smex Beam. The Smex Beam conquers all. When asked about awards and honors earned by Mangled Stare , Will said… Aside from the praise and admiration of my family, no other awards really carry the same priority or worth.

Did you enjoy the trip?

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  6. What did you like best about it? Do you have any advice for fellow TwiFan significant others? What advice would you give to young artists just starting out in the industry? Not yet a subscriber? If you liked this post and want to see more, follow me on Twitter or subscribe via RSS feed below! Wordpress and Email subscriptions are at the top of the sidebar. Subscribe in a Reader Share this: The Misty Valley Inn offers a selection of 4 rooms, each with its own private bath and at least a queen-sized bed: All of the rooms are immaculately kept and are beautifully decorated for your arrival, including an elegant spread of faux rose petals and glass rocks on the bed, and a covered presentation dish offering 2 petite bon bons to snack on.

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    Click on any picture to open it full-size in a new window. We stayed in the Dutch Room, the only one that offers a rear-view of the yard wiith a semi-private porch, allowing direct access to the outdoor breakfast area and a king-sized bed. This room will cost you a little extra, but it is well worth it! Breakfast starts with an appetizer yes, seriously of a spiced fruit and a pastry of some sort. The first morning we had spiced peaches with cream and a scone with jam, and the second we enjoyed spiced pears and fall-apart triple-berry muffins, with your choice of juices, coffee, tea, water, or chocolate… all served on elegant china with stemware.

    For breakfast, here are the dishes they were offering during our stay…. Shaved Granny Smith apples and whipped eggs with nutmeg, allspice, and cloves, served with spiced apple syrup Old Fashioned French Toast: Dried French bread soaked in custard and baked until puffy, served with hot maple syrup Logger Pancakes: Hand-sliced strawberries and whipped cream in an ultra-thin crepe Moroccan Omelet: This post is not an advertisement for Twilight Tours, Team Forks, Dazzled By Twilight, Lapelles, or the Quilute Nation, and reflects only the personal views and opinions of the reviewer.

    No monetary gain is made nor intended to be made from this posting. Being from Texas, it was supposedly no big deal for Monique and Lexi to be up so early mmhmm , but it turns out they were the only ones crazy enough to book the tour for the 8am time slot. Mediterranean dishes are known for their fresher, lighter ingredients and unique and inspiring spices.

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