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She leaned up and kissed him. She pushed him off her and went to her closet to grab a small little shopping bag. She smiled and winked at him. Ambrose, it's a small outfit. She left to go change in her bathroom. Dean got up and grabbed some items from his bag. He ended getting a blindfold, a rope and a leather strap whip, as well as some, lubricant. She came out of the bathroom with nothing, but a small outfit on. She is wearing a flyaway babydoll piece of lingerie. It is white with a small blue bow to hold it the front of it together. To complete the outfit, she has on white lace G-string.

Dean bit his lip as he saw he come out from the bathroom. He walked over to her and kissed her. As the kiss deepened, she opened her mouth, which allowed him to stick his tongue inside of her mouth. He hands wrapping around her drifting down to her back, feeling her pert ass. He couldn't wait to have her, but he wanted her on her knees begging for him. He pulled back from the hug, turned her around and started rubbing her slit. He grabbed ahold of the ends of the panties and pulled them up, wedging through her slit.

You're not supposed to fuck your teacher; you're not supposed to suck your teacher's dick under his desk. Only dirty little sluts do that—unless, you want to be a dirty little slut. The feeling of so much aggression and power he has, it's such a turn on for her. Dean gave her the blindfold and told her to get on her knees. She put the blindfold on and got down on her knees. She put her hands behind her back and he tied them together with the rope. She got down on her knees and he started dragging the whip across her back. She got small shivers from the surprise.

He slaps the whip across the small of her back. Dean smirked and smacked her back hard before taking her blindfold off.

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Dean untied her and pushed her up onto her bed. He removed his jeans and boxers, then joined her. He grabbed a condom and the bottle of lube. He rolled the condom onto his throbbing erection and poured an excessive amount of lube onto his protected cock. He pinned her arms up and kissed her. He aligned his dick up and pushed inside of her. He started out slowly, until he made his way fully inside of her.

HE pushed all the way up and started thrusting. Her moans are louder than ever. He holds onto her hips and thrusts vigorously into her and out of her. The metal headboard is slamming into the wall. All you could hear in the room was the sounds of something banging on the wall, skin slapping together and her loud moaning. This felt amazing to him. How could one teenager be the best sex he has ever had? He leans down and starts kissing her neck. Her moans got louder, due to his facial hair rubbing up against her neck. She put her hands on the back of his head and started to brush her fingers through his soft brown hair.

She moaned again, as he kissed his way down to her chest; his facial hair once again leaving the scratchy tingling feeling. He started to bite on her boobs, making sure to leave his mark on the top of them—as he left on her neck. But then she said it was just to recap of the last few weeks I've been distracted. So I stupidly accepted, knowing that it might end bad.

When I got to her apartment, my face was bright red and I was freaking out. I knocked on the door and she opened it. I tried my hardest not to aroused and I did, for at least a little while. She was once again wearing her same tight dress she wore every day, same heels same makeup same everything. I brought all my stuff and placed it down on the coffee she offered me some herbal tea, which I accepted. She showed me what to read and the important information. While I was reading that I was unaware of her rubbing herself until I started her soft noises come from her mouth.

I continued to read when I heard the drawer from the coffee table open and heard her noises of pleasure getting loud. I glaced to see her pleasuring her self with a flaic, male shaped object. At the moment I couldn't take it, I could feel my panties getting moist.

I unzipped my pant and started rubbing self. As pleasure took over me knew it, it started getting more intense.

I gently put my hand on her hand helping to pleasure her. She remove her hand and it was just me pleasuring her. I started getting rough, doing it harder, watching her facial expressions change. I layed her down and ripped her dress down so her chest was exposed, forcefully grabbing her breasts. I rubbed her nipple, feeling them as they got hard. I them realised what I was doing. I stopped, removed my hands from her and ran to her bathroom. I scrubbed my hands so hard they turned red. I was mad, I zipped my pants.

I walked back to get books and leave. I looked at her, hand on her eyes. She said she just wanted to make me feel good. I admitted I like it, I would had dne that with complete stranger. She started passionately kissing me, it felt nice but knew it was wrong. She stood up and took me to her bedroom. She started undress me. First my shirt, them my pants. I've felt uncomfortable and exposed, it was great.

She got undressed down to her bra and panties and started to slide down my underwear. When It was gone, she licked me, it felt great. I started to moan and whimper, but it felt to good to stop. Next she put one of her toys in me, but I immediately had her take it out, it was uncomfortable. She whispered to me I was a bad girl. I started getting nervous, kicking her off of me.

I yelled at her to stop. She got off me and I left hating what I've had done. Thanks for the A2A. In my experience as both a student and a teacher, I can affirm that the vast majority of teachers behave appropriately with their students. That being said, I have witnessed two times, once as a high school student and once as a teacher, when a teacher had an inappropriate personal relationship with a student.

In both cases, they ended up marrying after the student graduated from high school. When it was an year-old peer of mine, I remember being shocked. I had never expected such a thing. When it was a student with a colleague, I felt it was sad, a young person changing all his life plans for this teacher. In my many decades as a student or teacher, there were very few examples of this. There was a intern in my Calculus class the second semester of the class where the intern basically takes over all the teaching and stuff.

The intern that year was hot. And I mean HOT. She was probably in her mid twenties. From after school conversations about half of the guys in the grade that have her class had some degree of crush on her, me included. I was the try guy in the grade, and I really fancied that intern. Sometime just about the class but other times more personal. Once it was after school, and being in orchestra we had a concert tomorrow during school day, and I needed her to sign the school business form or whatever. When I got there she seemed to about to leave, but stopped to sign the form for me.

I started flirting with her, and surprisingly she flirted back. That night she agreed for me to come over to her dorm. She was still in college and only as an intern at our school. When I got to her place that night, we immediately stripped and started kissing, which eventually turned into fingering and sex.

Afterwards we did that again at her place a few times, and eventually she finished her degree when I graduated. Then we officially started dating, which actually lasted a while before we had to break up since I was transferring to another school. Yes, I did have an extended affair with my lecturer in college. I had a lecturer older sister of the one I had an affair , a very good one, who also became a very good personal friend. This lecturer was around 5 years older than me and I have been to her house on numerous occasions.

Now, this lecturer had a 1 year younger sister, who was a junior lecturer and was working in a different college. We hit-it off when we met and kept in touch through emails and Yahoo chats, see this happened around the year , so mobiles were still pretty expensive.

We slowly diverted our discussions towards sex and use to sex chat a lot, but it was all virtual, there was no physical contact. One fine day, she comes to our college as a junior lecturer and I had a class with her. Now, this was not a pre-planned , it just happened because of her elder sister. Now imagine, having to see the same person with whom you keep chatting in explicit details, taking a class for you. I kept ogling at her curves, butt and breasts, I never focussed on what was taught.

I was an above average student, so I could still manage decent grades in her class. We kept continuing our sex chat on internet and then even started calling each other on telephones. We met at cafes for a while, then at beaches, where we made out. I got my first blow job from her. I used to be a regular at her house after college and we made out every single day. We used to discuss on what she will wear for class the next day, the colour of inner garments and at times if she should even wear inner garments.

We used to travel back together from College and make out whenever we get a chance, any lonely place was good enough. We have had sex in college in staff room on a weekend. She loved Anal and we ended up doing Vaginal and Anal sex, every time we get a chance, and this affair continued till I completed my college and went for a job in another city. This is when I realised, she was in love with me and wanted to take the relationship to next level. But I was just not ready, so we kind of parted our ways for a couple of years. When I travelled to US, she followed me there and we again stayed together for while and continued our affair.

Finally I had to break the affair and move out to start living my life. She got married a couple of years later. She now has 2 kids and separated, we went very close to starting an affair again, but I backed out wisely. How was the affair? This happened back my sophomore days. A new maths teacher in her late twenties had joined on an ad hoc basis. The moment she had stepped her toes in the class, every one of my classmates drooled till eternity. Boy, was she beautiful. Her glistening skin could lure anyone. She was a perfect woman who could tempt any noble man into her charm. I was no exception.

I started experiencing trouble concentrating just only on her teachings and not her. I had been a bit raunchy since kidhood and thus it added to the difficulty. My mind wouldn't grasp a thing she said and being a bright kid I couldn't afford ambiguous knowledge. So, every other day I would visit her office and get my doubts cleared.

I would visit her office much often. Many of times, we would digrace off the topic and talk about personal lives. I skipped classes just to initiate a senseless discussion citing integral problems and in no time we would be laughing over lame jokes I cracked. I must say, we really hit it off. My intuitions were already telling me she was into me. But, I didn't want to mess it up. One fortunate evening, amidst my boring regular shopping, I crossed paths with her.

She was looking phenomenal in her three-fourths and a white hugging top. We were delighted to have met unexpectedly and she, whilst talking, told me I had left my Maths notebook in her office. Having it at her home, she offered if I wanted it right away, I could receive it. She offered me water and went inside the kitchen to fetch me some snacks. I was totally checking her body out. I wanted her so bad, so real bad. When she came with a tray having snacks on it, all of a sudden the tray slipped off her hands resulting a whole lot of biscuits and stuff lying on the floor.

She facepalmed and smiled stupidly. I got down to help her out only to realise I had my hand on hers. Our eyes locked and in no time we were brushing our lips against each other. We were kissing, biting, licking and melting into each other. We were embracing the love showered onto us. We then had our very intense and passionate sex. I started visiting her flat more often and we would have sex every time. It went on for some weeks. I don't know how, but things changed. We decided it was time we stopped and we did.

As of now, I've lost contact with her and still sometimes make futile attempts of searching her on social media. Yes, in english class I had this hot Indian teacher who was really hot. She kind of liked me and talked to me about outside stuff not related to school. One time I did something bad and told me to talk to her after class and then at the end of class she told me I was not in trouble. She told me that I was hot and then she started playing with her hair then lifted her legs and opened them.

She locked the door then said if you fuck me I will give you an A and always be nice to you. I agreed then she pulled down my pants and was blowing me so good that I was close to cumin. I ate her pussy and she loved it. Her pussy was so good and wet we fucked for a good 30 minutes. We did it every tuesday. One time she was alone at home and told me where she lived and she was excited.

The teacher asked Johnny, "What is -

She also had a huge juicy ass so it was fun. She wore porn clothes and we fucked forever. We sometimes had trios with her other hot friends. One tuesday my bitch forgot to lock the door then my crush walked in to ask a question. Of course, my crush, I know.

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We told her then we had a trio and we just kept doing it. We are still fucking to this day: Our age difference was 3 years. She was my senior in college and sister of my good friend.

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When I joined her for coaching, she was new to teaching profession. I chose morning batch for the tution at her home. In initial two months their was proper teacher-student relation. Then one fine day we had a conversation regarding the relationships, where she revealed that she had break-up after good 6 years of relationship. So their were emotional talks. But slowly I was feeling good while talking to her and bond started to develop. I always want her to be happy. I use to call her every evening to ask some questions regarding accounting but the real intention was to hear her voice.

But the best thing was, she also started calling me every evening. Call starts with how are you and ends with she narrating every bit happened to her in a day. Then she said to cover missed class lessons you have to come in morning as well as afternoon. Those afternoons were the best days of my life.

Then came the actual drama. It was 22nd November when we were studying, I said I want to talk. I said the following words to her in hindi: Yaar mein ni jaanta ki muje kya ho raha hai but mein aapke saath apni puri life spent karna chahata hun. Mere din aapse shuru hota hai aapse khatam hota hai. Aapse baat na karu toh din incomplete lagta. Aap mere lucky charm ho. Mein ni jaanta yeh pyaar hai nahi but ab toh kaam ho gaya. My day starts with you and ends with you. You are my lucky charm. After above confession their was complete silence between me and her.

She said todays class is over and you can go now I was expecting slap at that time. She use to teach only the lessons, no personal talks, no extra time Worst period of my life. Result announced I completed my graduation with good marks. She said congratulations and disconnected my call. I cried a lot because the person with whom I use to talk day and night, was no more in life. The age difference is too much and you are not even settled, you are studying. At that night It was my last crying for that person. But their ended my saga. Till today I have not founded a prettier girl than her.

I think that was my first and last so called love. Still single and more happier now. She is married now and is having 2 daughters. I know her husband very well. Still we meet once in year when I want to meet my friend her brother. But still so many questions are not answered. Now all you people decide, what it was Love,affair or attraction. And yes their was no kiss or physical intimacy. You cant say love happens only once. It happens many time but its not neccesary that you will get your share of love everytime.

I had an ongoing affair with my instructor during my first year of college. I was 18, and he was in his late 20s or early 30s. He taught evening classes that let out around 9 p. I was in his class once a week and stayed after class one night to talk with a classmate. As minors tend to do, we were chatting about how to get alcohol for the weekend. We realized the instructor was listening in and thought he might lecture us about the dangers of underage drinking, but instead he offered to buy liquor and bring it to my apartment the next night. Sure enough, he showed up on my doorstep after his class the next night with a brown bag full of bottles from the nearby liquor store.

He stayed for a while, we shared a few drinks, and then we retreated to my bedroom under the premise of watching a baseball game on TV. Horizontal became vertical, dressed became undressed, and soon we were having sex. I continued to go to class each week, and afterwards we would go back to my apartment or his. The sex was experimental, raw, and dirty, with very few limits.

I stopped turning in assignments midway through the semester and showed up for the final exam an hour late, with no intent to actually complete it. It was not exactly a perfect affair with her, But yes we had secret feeling about each other. The time when i just entered in class Started going in a coaching center which was situated 3 km away from my home town.

She joined that institution just after 15 days of mine. Fortunately she was appointed as a math teacher. First days of her class, i reached little late about 10 minutes As soon as i entered she started scolding at me. I whispered to her. She amazed on my behavior and complained to director. But Radhika mam impressed. She used to stair me started giving hard question,but still i managed and got highest marks in mid term.

The day came when it was her birthday, i knew it and gifted her a lovely pursue and pen in class room. Still i wondering why given purse with pen. Mam was very happy secretly but said how you purchased this much costly gift, I did not say any thing but only God knows how it was managed.

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He said we all knew it. In the birthday evening, she called me her house, we celebrated the birthday, it was very nice treat. Over the period i became mad for her, she started ignoring me. I still remember the day of my last paper board exam. She called me at my phone, i was surprised as since last one weeks she didn't receive my call even after attempt. As i was in exam hall, cut the phone, and called back just after finishing the paper.

I said i will keep on doing this until she gives your personal number to me, i begged like any thing to be in touch with her. I knew that she is very tough and stubborn. She will never agree for it. But again she was mature enough to handle a teen age guy. I said OK, let us meet.

It was decided to meet on coming weekend. Her condition was not to discuss about future. I couldn't imagined and even unable to spread here in words the way she celebrated that day. Once i reached we did so many stuff, had break fast. I knew it was pre planned as she did not me to left her crying.

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After finishing 12 th, I got admission in engineering college, One fine morning started getting numerous miss call from one number on my mobile phone. But due to class could not attended. It was Radhika mam, voice. I felt like heaven. But did not show my feeling and started shouting her. Why you left without my knowledge. It was very scary day when you left suddenly, used to stand in front of your house since morning to evening. She said come down, explained all these thing. Narration was like this, Look Mr. S She used to call me during my study We have age gap around hardly 7—8 years.

It was your study time, Bla The question is have you ever had sex with teacher not your teacher.. So I was sitting in Chennai Airport Lounge, waiting for my flight to Delhi that lounge is lucky for me.. There I met one lady.. Her red bindi was suiting her persona. She had some problem with her credit card and lounge manager was no allowing her to enter After some insistence, she agreed and we started talking. She was a faculty to a famous school in kolkata and was on tour to chennai and Delhi for some convention. So, when I came to know about her profession I told her that we used to have crush on our chemistry teacher she was chemistry teacher She smiled and said Even 12th student stare at her bosom and cleavage.

I suddenly, without thinking, said.. She got stunned and I too realized that i said wrong thing She started laughing and said to me that i like ur attitude At Delhi departure we parted our ways but we whole night we kept chatting over whatsapp. Before sleeping she sent me her pic in night dress She wrote that this dress would have been better to fulfill my fantasy. I replied that my fantasies are more than this One of my guy-friend did.

When we were in college, we had an 24 yr Superhot female Assistant Professor. Even we as girls were quite distracted by her. She was from the same hometown as my guy-friend,my bestie and myself. As I stepped up to the porch, fear and nerves twisted my insides. Do you understand me? She looked so different from the way she did at school, the light glowed behind her as she walked down the stairs. Her dress was a light pink color with high heels and matching purse. Her hair was set free from the usual ponytail and flowed and bounced over her shoulders as she walked.

Little ringlets adorned her face. When we arrived everyone was there and other cars were dropping off fellow students all togged up for the evening. Teachers were ushering as many people as they could into the hall and having trouble as everyone was talking pictures of groups and selfies to record the last night of their school lives.

The hall was amazing. Starlight and dreams was the theme and it looked as if we were in another world and not the gym. A DJ was pumping the music out. Some people we already on the dance floor, most were just mingling and some were at the buffet table eating their fill. They hugged and exchanged pleasantries - I got the first hint that I might be an accessory for the evening. My night went from a total high to a total bust. As the DJ called for everyone to take the floor for the last song I looked around and saw some girls sitting looking and waiting.

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I tossed my pity in and asked them, any of them, to dance. I walked out the front and sat on the wall. I heard the song finish and everyone started to head out. Cars started to arrive as everyone took photos of the disheveled bunch they had become. I looked for my car to take me home. Silvia and Chad came out. He was still all over her. Miss Boyde walked up to me. He needs a lift home as well. I slammed the door behind them.

I closed the door, walked away to the edge of the grass area and sat down. I saved up for this suit and car and I spent 5 minutes with Silvia until she took off and hooked up with Chad for the evening. Johnny Silverman was supposed to be my date, but the morning of the prom he called me to say that he was taking Katie Hoffman. The morning of the bloody prom. And if he played his cards right he would have got what he wanted. And I think Silvia has missed out as well. There was a pause then she continued…. Or let me take you somewhere to see if we can find that cute smile of yours?

We drove for another 10 minutes and ended up across town at a set of apartments. There were 4 in the block. She parked on the side of the street. I climbed out and followed her. She opened the door and ran up the stairs with me following like a shadow behind her. Her walls were covered in art. Mostly it was painted by her but there were others as well. What did you hope would happen tonight? She put her empty bottle on the counter. I skulled the rest of my beer which was already making me feel woozy as I had never drank alcohol before. Then I reached out and grabbed the hand she held out to me.

She leaned in to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. I put my hands around her waist. I could feel her face nuzzle into my neck and ear sending waves of pleasure throughout my body. Her words seemed to release an inner fire in her. She started to kiss my face and lips.

I just went with it. Her lips found mine once again and her tongue darted in and out of my mouth. Her hands had moved from my hips and were roaming around my ass. With this she dropped to her knees, undid my belt and trousers. My hard cock sprung out. My pants were around my ankles and my hands were on my head as she took my cock in her mouth for the first time. She looked up at me as she continued to suck. She licked at it then bent her head under and sucked and licked my balls, pulling my shaft as she did.

I fumbled at the buttons of her shirt and slid it off her shoulders.