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Hardcore the way it should be.

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This is the main reason to go and watch live music, after all, and we always hope for those moments where the experience envelops us and everything else, all the bubble and froth of thought about work, life, and all the rest, is pushed out of the frame in favour of the moment. Svetlanas achieve this, and then some.

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Paired with the pulverising sonic blast that explodes from the PA, Svetlanas live are the very definition of intense. Aural Aggravation Exploring the sound of the underground.

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Stay updated via RSS. Weekend Recovery Jaded Eyes and bring sheer, snarling fury and immense, brutal density.

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Yer Mum Svetlanas achieve this, and then some. Proving itself a worthy adversary in a world of close-minded "self-expression".

Gods And Monsters

It is an epic exaggeration of governmental despotism, worldwide conspiracy, communal brainwashing and the grounds upon which a revolution is bred. It is a short novel worthy of reading, for fans of any genre, with a simple goal of, by any means, showing what our future may bring if we continue to allow the powers of this world desecrate the very boundaries of self-expression: Ryan McClellan Present was born and raised in Miami, Florida, once known as the "Sunshine State", now slowly decaying beneath the depths of fallen angels and a city of godlessness, deception, and hate.

As a child, McClellan was always the "stand-out" student, writing to a remarkable degree and leaving in his path a trail of awestruck teachers and fellow students. Wolves Amongst Sheep - the chronicles of an unnamed gang member Sadist Hits - a series of poems and rants, revealing even darker times of McClellan's years.

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