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One night Sandman comes and makes them dream that they go up in the attic where their father's old instruments are.

What Does it Mean to Dream About Dolls?

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If you're playing with the doll, that could show that you are having a conflict with yourself, as you are playing with the doll, while at the same time, the doll could represent your subconscious. Pay attention to the background. The background to the doll can also help you decide what the doll symbolizes.

For example, dollhouses may symbolize your desire to have a family or your focus on your family life. Put the dream in emotional context. If you wrote down the emotions you were feeling when you woke up, use that to guide your interpretation of the dream. If you woke up feeling ecstatic, for instance, that's very different from waking up feeling anxious or disappointed.

Don't spring out of bed. You can increase your chances of remembering your dream by taking a few extra minutes both to go to sleep and to wake up.

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If you allow yourself to wake up gradually, you're less likely to startle the dream out of your head. Write down everything as soon as you wake up. Dream memories are fleeting, and almost always dissipate unless you catch them early on. As soon as you awake, take a pen and jot down whatever you can remember, whether it's a colour, shape, or feeling.

Every little detail will help you to make better sense of your dream. Keep a pen and paper at your bedside. When you wake up, you won't have long to catch your dream memories before they fade away. Having a pen and paper at your bedside will give you the fastest way possible to get your thoughts onto paper. Write the main picture down. When you wake up, try to get the main symbols in your dream down on paper so they don't disappear from your mind.

You can write them or draw them, whatever is easiest for you. Obviously, you dreamed about a doll, but think about what else you saw. Were other people there? Just try to get down the main ideas right now. Reflect upon whether the dream was positive or negative.

[Piano] Theodore Oesten - Doll's Dream

As you write down the details of your dream, think about the emotions that accompanied it. Did you feel upset when you woke up? Did the dream make you happy or anxious? Try to identify what you're feeling upon waking, and write those thoughts down, too. Fill in other important details. Now that you've got the main ideas down, fill in the details.

The details are any extra things you can think of that happened in the dream but weren't necessarily the main focus of the dream. The details can help put the symbols you see into context.

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Was it night or day? Did you notice anything else in the dream that you may have left out? Maybe a particular color stood out to you, or maybe you saw a recurring flower. Just try to fill in as much as you can. What does it mean if there's dolls in my dreams?

What Does it Mean to Dream About Dolls? | Dream Prophesy

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  • How to Interpret a Dream Involving Dolls: 14 Steps (with Pictures)?
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    • They can offer some guidance in the sense that people share certain symbolic ideas, but should be seen more as a way to spark your own thought rather than an end unto itself.